Meet Rep. Jones

Rep. Rachel Jones has been an active citizen of Arizona for 17 years. Rachel is a mother of five kids, three of whom were the blessing of adoption. Rachel’s faith is her prime motivator in all that she does for her family… and her state.

Rachel received her degree in Business Management and spent her career as a business executive at the 3rd largest UPS facility in the country. Her time in business formed a strong, calculated, and passionate leader, who now hopes to continue utilizing her experience to identify problems, execute solutions, and deliver results in the State House in Phoenix.


Arizona is on the front lines of our border crisis. Every month, tens of thousands of people violate our laws and are permitted to enter our country illegally because radical, open-borders Democrats like Katie Hobbs and Joe Biden seek to drown our nation in a sea of unwelcome invaders.

I agree with President Donald Trump that, “If you don’t have borders then, you don’t have a country.” And as your state representative I have prioritized the need for stringent enforcement of our laws, support and funding for our indispensable border guards, and eventual plans for repatriation


A representative government cannot function unless the people have faith in their institutions. And unfortunately, Katie Hobbs and the Democratic Party have destroyed the voter’s trust.

We must strengthen our elections. That means providing transparent oversight to the ballot counting process, eliminating gray areas in election law, and utilizing paper ballots to maintain a system of one man, one vote.

First as a candidate and then as your elected representative, my determination to pass election integrity has never wavered. Our democratic process will not be safe until these reforms are mandated.


Tucson ought to be the beating heart of Arizona’s economy. And I believe encouraging business expansion, not dampening it, and rewarding work, not penalizing it, is how we do it.

Revitalizing our economy means solving the homeless epidemic that is overwhelming the streets of Tucson.

I don’t believe that our sidewalks should be used as public bathrooms, or that our children’s playgrounds should be used as drug dens. I don’t agree with the Democratic Party’s policy of ceding the public square to filthy tent cities.

As your legislator I am in favor of public order, clean streets, and charity that solves homelessness, not exacerbates it. But the first step must be strict enforcement of vagrancy laws.

Proud member of the Arizona Freedom Team!
Re-elect Rep. McGarr, Senator Wadsack, and Rep. Jones

A Voice for AZ

As your state Rep I have always fought for our God Given Rights.

  • Back the Blue
  • Gun Rights
  • Election Integrity
  • Medical Freedom

I’m fighting to RESTORE ARIZONA VALUES. And the first step in that fight starts in the home. By strengthening Arizona families, we can RESTORE OUR VALUES and build a STRONGER ARIZONA.

PO Box 18657  • Tucson, AZ 85731
(520) 585-8488