Meet Rep. Jones

Rachel Jones has been an active citizen of Arizona for 17 years. Rachel is a mother of five kids, three of whom were the blessing of adoption. Rachel’s faith is her prime motivator in all that she does for her family… and her state. Rachel received her degree in Business Management and spent her career as a business executive at the 3rd largest UPS facility in the country. Her time in business formed a strong, calculated, and passionate leader, who now hopes to continue utilizing her experience to identify problems, execute solutions, and deliver results in the State House in Phoenix. Having children refined Rachel’s beliefs on the importance of the family in communities.

Rachel decided to put her business life aside, and focus on her family, and the families of all Arizonans. This led her to become a teacher, fostering the next generation of Americans. But her business background could not be hidden, so she eventually became the Director of the preschool. As a mother of five, former teacher, and former business executive, Rachel knew that she could no longer sit by and let the elitist democrats in Phoenix ruin her great state. That is why she has been a local leader on pro-life, Medical Freedom, and the border crisis. Rachel is an Authentic Conservative Fighter and she will not stop until we have restored Arizona’s values. Rachel Jones will Restore Arizona Values in the State House by:

  • Fighting for parental rights
  • Fighting the woke agenda in schools
  • Securing our elections
  • Securing our border
  • Cutting taxes
  • Fighting inflation
  • Fighting for the Unborn
  • Defending our God-given rights
  • Defending the 2nd Amendment

During session I fought for states rights regarding law enforcement (no DOJ overstep)and vaccine mandates. I believe in funding state and local law enforcement, so that they’re able to help our Border Patrol Agents secure the border. I also believe in protecting children in the foster care system (DCS), especially since my three adopted children were adopted out of foster care. I believe in lower taxes and regulation. I also believe that the school counselors and social workers should not be indoctrinating our children in public schools.

PO Box 18657  • Tucson, AZ 85731
(520) 585-8488